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Britannia and Eve




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Britannia and Eve


... I i RADIO CAR I 19,000 BRITISH MOTORISTS A A HI CAN'T BE WRONG FROM l*#GNS. Philco Radio Television Corporation of ■H Great Britain Ltd., Perivale, Middlesex. What a car, what a view, wha ...

The Music of Pageantry

... Joe Music of Pageantry By Philip Page FROM the deep solemnity of the religious ceremony to the general rejoicings of a loyal people, there has probably been no Coronation in the whole history of kings ...

Published: Saturday 01 May 1937
Newspaper: Britannia and Eve
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 3247 | Page: Page 16, 17, 185, 186, 187, 188 | Tags: Music  Photographs 

Gilbert and Sullivan

... Qilbert and Sullivan sftr With illustrations from the I 'Book by Leslie Bailie. Published by Cassells. JOHN MAYCOCK VERY soon now cinemas through out the country will be showing a ...


... A J M I A^gy g yf /g yg g g y Is omm- IS V-,r &Vj, iaMBBEMKMWBBBHHfiBBBgSflBBBff THterit^-ti X yg^y yf /f yf g g y i& d J TO S K yi CARE Opening movement to complexion beauty Its use nee#s no virt ...


... OHIVER8 A SONS LTD., OHIVER8 A SONS LTD., Jy C f Appetites gladly respond Vt K to the tempting flavour of V\ k Chivers 'Olde English'. This favourite thick-cut marmalade 'The 1 Aristocrat of the Break ...