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October 17, 1969

cover page of Birmingham Daily Post published on October 17, 1969

Birmingham Daily Post

The Birmingham Daily Post was founded in 1857, offering a new form of provincial newspaper, renowned for its large readership, liberal values and its role in fostering civic pride in the fourth largest city in England. In Henry Fox Bourne's 1887 book English Newspapers: Chapters in the History of Journalism he describes how the Post 'has both interpreted and educated the temper of this thriving and enterprising part of England' (p.361).

The daily paper was sold for only 1d, making it one of the first newspapers to offer a cheap source of news to a mass audience. The proprietors, John Frederick Feeney (and later his son) and John Jaffray also published the Saturday paper, The Birmingham Journal, and founded The Saturday Evening Post explicitly for working-class readers. From 1870 these titles formed a single daily eight-page newspaper. 'Jaffray Feeney and Company' had many press rivals, the most serious of which was the Conservative Birmingham Daily Gazette, but the comprehensive coverage offered by these newspapers was unique.

The Birmingham Daily Post prided itself on its reporting of local subjects. It published detailed news of government, justice, trade and society not just in the manufacturing city of Birmingham, but also in the surrounding industrial district of the Black Country.

The Post adopted a serious journalistic style, making use of telegraph technology from the outset to provide extensive coverage of parliamentary, business and overseas affairs. Although the newspaper celebrated its 'independent judgment on all matters' in its first edition of 4 December 1857, its editorials were strongly Liberal in politics, and it campaigned consistently for political and social reform. From the election of Joseph Chamberlain as Mayor of Birmingham in 1873, the Post was central to the city's pioneering movements for municipal, educational and sanitary improvements.

For this newspaper, we have the following titles in, or planned for, our digital archive:

  • 1857–1918 Birmingham Daily Post
  • 1939–56 Birmingham Post.
  • 1956–64 The Birmingham Post & Birmingham Gazette.
  • 1964–83 Birmingham post (1964)

This newspaper is published by Trinity Mirror in Birmingham, West Midlands, England. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in May 4, 2013 . The latest issues were added in Oct 14, 2017 2 days ago.