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December 28, 1844

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The New Court Gazette, a society paper covering royal news, the court, and society events, and which contained numerous short and serialized stories, was founded in January 1840 after the closing of The Court Gazette (1838-1840; 1841). It was published by the same man as the earlier publication, had many of the same contributors, and used the same format. It was would later be accused by the Court Gazette’s proprietor and editor, George Glenny, of profiting by deceiving readers into thinking it was a continuation of the former publication.

This accusation was not without foundation. After initially making the ‘New’ in the title very prominent, it slowly began to become more obscure as the publication became more established. When the publication began it had no numeration, but from 3 October 1840 the New Court Gazette adopted a numbering scheme that followed on directly from where the Court Gazette had left off. While Glenny ranted and railed about in his publication, the New Court Gazette never once mentioned him, the earlier newspaper, or even their own changes of title. In August 1841, after Glenny’s Court Gazette had closed for the final time, The New Court Gazette finally gave up any pretence and changed its name to The Court Gazette: and fashionable guide (1841-1846). It ran successfully until 4 April 1846, when it ceased without explanation.

Beth Gaskell, The British Library

For this newspaper, we have the following titles in, or planned for, our digital archive:

  • 1840–41 New Court Gazette :
  • 1841–46 The Court Gazette, and Fashionable Guide.

This newspaper is published by an unknown publisher in London, London, England. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Jul 10, 2021 . The latest issues were added in Jul 10, 2021.