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December 2, 1830

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The Worcester Journal commenced publication as early as 1690. During the 1750s the owner, Harvey Berrow, added his name to the title, thus creating Berrow's Worcester Journal , to distinguish it from a rival publication, also named The Worcester Journal . Berrow's Worcester Journal was published under this title from 11 October 1753 until 19 January 1984. After two further title changes in the 1980s, the newspaper adopted the title Berrow's Worcester Journal once again for its issue of 26 June 1987, and is still published today.

Published weekly on Saturdays, issue no. 7913 of 22 July 1854 has eight pages of six columns per page, and was priced at 5d. There was also a Supplement of four pages. By this date, page five has: "By Electric Telegraph Journal Office, Half Past Six", with prices of the London and Liverpool Corn Markets and a Share List. Page six has a report of the "Ipswich County Court"; page eight has a report of the "Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society at Lincoln"—both testimony to the wide-ranging nature of story gathering for its readers. By 20 January 1872, issue no. 8830, the price was 3d, with small advertisements spread across all of page one and much of page two. The interest in buying railway stocks and shares remained strong, for on page eight, amongst the small advertisements, the Prospectus and Shares of the Central Uruguay Railway Company of Montevideo was printed.

The circulation of the paper was reported by Hubbard in 1882 to be 17,000 copies. On 23 June 1900, the price of issue no. 10782 was 1 1/2 d, with eight pages of nine columns per page. The sub-title of the paper proclaimed: "The Oldest Newspaper in Great Britain, Largest and Leading County Paper". The taste for tit-bits of news continued, with the printing on page eight of a small article on the "Malvern Hairdressers' Dispute".

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This newspaper is published by Newsquest in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Apr 26, 2013 . The latest issues were added in Jun 26, 2023.