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February 28, 1863

cover page of Saunders's News-Letter published on February 28, 1863

Saunders's News-Letter

The Saunders’s News-Letter was published from 1755 to 1879 and was one of Dublin’s most established newspapers. During its publication, the paper was commercially successful. In its pages you can explore over a century of news from across the British Isles comprising national and world events. In order to publish a daily morning paper, printing began just after midnight. Until steam presses were introduced in 1833, newspapers were printed by hand presses which had an output of 250 copies in an hour.

In the nineteenth century, newspaper reporting was often partisan and could be distorted, however Saunders’s News-Letter was noted for its remarkably neutral journalism. Thomas Power O’Connor began his career in journalism at the Saunders’s News-Letter in 1867. O’Connor went on to become a Member of Parliament for the Home Rule League. Later in his career, after the demise of the Irish Nationalist Party, O’Connor continued as an Independent MP. He founded and was the editor of several newspapers including The Star, which is also available on the British Newspaper Archive.

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  • 1773–1871 Saunders's News-Letter :

This newspaper is published by an unknown publisher in Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Mar 17, 2015 . The latest issues were added in Apr 11, 2023.