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March 4, 1846

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1838-1872, 1874-1888, 1890-1896, 1899-1903

The Worcestershire Chronicle was founded on 4 January 1838 as “a new weekly paper devoted to the County”, comprising 4 pages and costing 4pence halfpenny. It was established by a joint stock company whose shareholders contributed £5000 of capital (1000 shares of £5). The Chairman was Edward Holland Esq. and shareholders included the Rt. Hon. Lord Southwell, Sir Edward Blount, Bart., Sir T. Winnington, Bart., three Members of Parliament and the Mayor of Worcester.

The first issue of the Chronicle declared that it would hold to liberal principles based on truth and justice, and the full enjoyment to all men of civil and religious liberty”. It would not exist as a “convenient medium for personal invective or party calumny”. However there was a recognised need for a county newspaper which would defend liberal principles against the Tory principles of other local papers, particularly Berrow’s Worcester Journal.

The Chronicle was printed at the same office as the Worcester Herald by Knight & Arrowsmith. Isaac Arrowsmith, originally from Birmingham, was managing proprietor in 1851. He had been heavily involved in the Worcester Political Union in 1832, in the local Chartist movement and in petitions for further parliamentary reform in 1848, supporting the call for extension of the suffrage to all householders, triennial Parliaments, secret ballot, and equal representation.

The Worcestershire Chronicle adhered to its liberal principles throughout its life and boasted a large circulation for many years. It was discontinued along with its sister paper, the Worcestershire Herald, in 1930.

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